Yanyuwa Animations to be broadcast on NITV (2015)

The Yanyuwa families’ animations are going to be broadcasted over June to October 2015 on National … Continue reading

Yanyuwa Language is ‘severely endangered’: Endangered Languages website (2015)

The Yanyuwa language has been identified as ‘severely endangered’ by the Endangered Languages website. Endangered … Continue reading

The Groper (a-Kuridi) (2012)

This animation is told in the form of classic Yanyuwa Dreaming narration. The animation details … Continue reading

The Sea Turtle and the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) (2011)

The Dreaming for the Sea Turtle & the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) belongs to the Wurdalia … Continue reading

The Dreamings from the Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa) (2010)

The Dreamings from the Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa) is the second section of the Tiger … Continue reading

The Chicken Hawk and the Crow (Malarrkarrka kulu a-Wangka) (2009)

The Chick Hawk (Malarrkarrka) Dreaming belongs to the Wuyaliya clan and is the possessor of … Continue reading

Dugong Hunters (li-Maramaranja) (2009)

The Dugong Hunter Dreaming belongs to the Rrumburriya clan. Two Dugong Hunters named Jurruji and …

The Brolga (Kurdarrku) (2009)

The Brolga Dreaming belongs to the Mambaliya-Wawukarriya clan. This story tells of the Brolga coming … Continue reading

Spirit People (Ngabaya) (2009)

The Spirit People Dreaming belongs to the Wurdaliya clan. The Spirit People have travelled a … Continue reading

The Tiger Shark (Ngurdungurdu) (2009)

The Tiger Shark (Ngurdungurdu) Dreaming belongs to the Rrumburriya clan. The Tiger Shark leaves his … Continue reading

The Song of the Tiger Shark at Manankurra (Manankurra Kujika) (2008)

This song line of kujika belongs to the Rrumburriya clan; it is the first section … Continue reading

Territory Natural Resource Management and Landcare Forum (2011)

‘Wundanyuka Kulu Jujuju – The Sea Turtle And The Osprey’ were presented by John Bradley and … Continue reading

Presentazione di Monash Country Lines Archive: Prato, Italy (2011)

Presentazione di Monash Country Lines Archive, animazioni 3D di racconti della comunità indigena Yanyuwa, proveniente … Continue reading