Coursework Programs

Monash University has committed to ensuring intercultural competence is a hallmark of a Monash education. It is more important than ever to be able to communicate across cultures, build connections, and have the skills to work in a multicultural environment.

Being a student at Monash, you can take advantage of the opportunity to develop your cultural intelligence and the skills required to thrive in globalised workplaces and communities by selecting from a range of interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate units.

Undergraduate Units

*These units are offered as Arts signature element units in Intercultural expertise. Please refer to 2020 Undergraduate Course Guide

Postgraduate Units

Domestic field trips

International study tours

If you are an exchange or study abroad student here at Monash, the above units are highly recommended. Please watch ‘Step out of the Ordinary’ video where Monash students are sharing their exciting learning experiences at Monash.