Co-curricular Programs

Australian Journey

Australian Journey is a series of videos exploring topics such as history, Indigenous languages, animals and the environment, and the people and cultures that make Australia what it is today. This is a free web-based video series suitable for high school and tertiary students. It has been created as a result of a collaboration between Monash University's Faculty of Arts and the National Museum of Australia.

Intercultural Competence for the Workplace

This online module is designed to help you explore your perceptions of culture and identity, and to develop your intercultural skills in preparation for entering today’s global workforce. According to global research, inter-cultural competence is a crucial skill-set in today’s global workplace, where employees are more likely to interact with co-workers, vendors or customers from different cultures and countries, and need to work productively with people who have been shaped by different values, beliefs and experiences.

Global Leadership Academy

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) is based on a successful existing Penn State initiative known as the Global Engagement and Leadership Experience (GELE). As part of a wider collaboration between Monash University and Penn State, the GELE framework was infused with curriculum from the Monash Intercultural Lab, resulting in the newly minted Global Leadership Academy.  The GLA’s curriculum took a linear, experiential approach in developing intercultural competence and global leadership skills. Watch the video here.

Connecting across cultures: becoming a global citizen

Whether you’re studying at Monash, holidaying overseas, on a student exchange program, or simply living day-to-day life in a multicultural society, this module will help you become a more effective and understanding member of our community. This module forms part of the Leap into Leadership Online (LiLO) suite. Leap into Leadership Online is a series of 13 free, practical and fun modules that develop your employability and leadership skills. You can complete as many modules as you like during any stage of your studies. Each module takes about one to two hours to complete. There are no formal assessments to hand in, and every module that you finish will earn you a certificate.

Intercultural Competence: Translating your overseas experience into global employability skills

Becoming a global citizen is a lifelong process that requires you to develop a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes commonly grouped under labels such as Intercultural Competence or Cultural Intelligence. This course is designed to help you explore the value of any overseas experience, including study abroad, internship and work placement in foreign countries, volunteering in diverse organisations. This course  will help you to revisit your own values and perceptions, unpack your overseas experience, build on your personal story to develop your global profile, identify the intercultural competence skills you have gained from your experience.

Indigenous Cultural Awareness Program Online

Monash University's Australian campuses stand on the traditional lands of the people of the Kulin Nations. In 2015, Monash University celebrated 50 years of Indigenous programs at Monash. This unit will provide you with a basic understanding of Indigenous people, culture and issues. Please set aside around 15 - 20 minutes to complete. This is not a marked activity.

English Connect workshops

English Connect had developed a number of workshops and resources that focus on the development of intercultural competence-related skills for students. Monash University's English Connect programs are free and available to all Monash students on Australian campuses.

Participating in discussions in cross-cultural settings
This workshop focuses on how communication styles vary across cultures. You will learn language expressions to engage in discussions in Australian universities, as well as strategies to maximise your opportunities to participate in class effectively.

Group work and collaboration in cross-cultural settings
This workshop focuses on group work and how it varies across cultures. You will learn what group work means in different settings, as well as the shared language that allow group work to happen.

Developing your intercultural competence
This workshop explores what culture is and the ways in which different culture dimensions shape individuals personal and professional lives. The workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to reflect on their cultural values, as well as to discuss strategies to navigate the complexity inherent in cross-cultural interactions. The workshop introduces the notion of a third-space to maximise intercultural interactions and prompts attendees to develop their intercultural competences as a lifelong learning process.

Learning and culture in Australian universities
This workshop focuses on the ways in which culture shapes learning and education expectations at university. It provides students with a scaffolded opportunity to reflect and become aware of the differences and similarities between their background home learning cultures and the Australian university learning culture.

Email writing in cross-cultural settings
Have you ever wondered why emails are so important at university? Would you like to write better emails when communicating with your lecturers, tutors, and classmates? Join this workshop, learn about hte cross-cultural dimensions involved in email writing and develop your email writing skills.

Please contact English Connect at for further information.

Career Connect workshops

The following workshops are focusing on various elements of intercultural communication to develop your employability skills:

  • Employment Networking Skills for Chinese Students
  • Interview Skills Boot Camp for Chinese Students
  • Returning to Mainland China and Navigating the Employment Market
  • Interview Skills Boot Camp for Indian Subcontinent Students
  • Employment Networking Skills for Indian Subcontinent Students
  • Careers in North America, Canada
  • Careers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Working in Australia
  • Know your work rights in Australia

Please contact Career Connect at for further information.

Advice from senior international students

Hear from students as they reflect on their time at Monash and offer their best advice for new international students. They explain the process of leaving your home country, what happens once you arrive in Melbourne, services available at Monash University, and your life in Australia. Watch some practical advice on how to use your English to communicate in day to day scenarios at Monash.