When: Wednesday 10th April 1pm. Duration 65 mins, followed by Q&A for those interested
Where: The Monash MPAVILLION, Clayton Campus (Corner Scenic Blvd and Ancora Imapro Way)

Translated and Performed by Felix Nobis
Directed by Thomas Conway

Performer and academic Felix Nobis (Centre for Theatre and Performance) returns to his award winning production of Beowulf.  Based on his own translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem, Nobis tells a story of kings, monsters, heroes and dragons in a version that is both faithful to the original and accessible to the modern ear.

As a translator and narrator of the Beowulf story, Felix Nobis has found a style that is high but not inflated, true to the poetry of the original and enthralling to a contemporary audience.

Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney

"An action-packed thousand lines in the current version of our mother tongue … old fashioned story-telling, sweeping, melodramatic and compelling."
The Age