Students present on the benefits of intercultural teams across university

cultural crunchOn Wednesday 23rd October, the students of ATS2184 Intercultural Skills for an Internationalised Workplace pitched their ideas on how an intercultural team might solve challenges presented from across the university.

The group represented around 20 countries by background, 20 languages and 26 courses/majors. The pitches were dynamic and diverse and represented the value of bringing an intercultural team approach to a range of challenges. They started by responding to: In 2019 I was part of a cross-cultural team who researched and proposed a solution to the following problem ...

The problems for the cultural pitches were set up by the teams of:

  • Matheson Library
  • English Connect
  • Career Ahead
  • Herb Feith Centre
  • MIL

This was a student-led unit and members of the Monash Students Intercultural Lab Research Team (MSILRT) were instrumental in making the event happen, just as they have been a central part of each stage of the unit's development. The students were joined by distinguished guests including the Assoc Dean Education and representatives from a range of bodies and organisations around the university.

Student responses include:
"The cultural pitch was fantastic, preparing for real life stakeholders was really exciting. As well as this, it was great to work closely with some of my peers, definitely improved my intercultural competency!"

"The cultural pitch presentation was absolutely brilliant and I loved the real-life applications of many of the intercultural concepts we learned in class. I thought the group assessments in this unit allowed for tremendous cross-cultural communication with my peers."

View the slides of the 'Cultural Crunch' Cultural Pitch Presentations (PPT)