Diversity: Better Culture, Better Workplaces

Registrations are now open for a 3-day intensive, interactive course focused on how individuals can learn from their own cultural identities and how different cultural practices and values can create inclusive workplaces.

Workplaces that embrace diversity produce better outcomes. Have you heard or read this statement before? It is now commonplace to acknowledge the ‘so-called’ benefits of diversity within organisations. But is there a case to consider diversity within the Australian context beyond the common ideas we usually hear?

In partnership with the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute, the Monash Intercultural Lab developed a professional development program that approaches diversity within workplaces from a different angle. Instead of looking at the ‘so-called’ benefits of diversity in fostering inclusive workplaces, the program focuses on how individuals can learn from their own cultural identities, and consider what different cultural practices and values can teach us as we create inclusive workplaces.

The ‘Diversity: Better culture, better workplaces’ professional development program has been designed to allows individuals to take the next step when it comes to fostering inclusive workplaces. The course invites participants on a journey to explore their own cultural identities and how these identities shape their behaviours and values. The crucial component of the course is allowing participants to become empowered to drive change within their organisations by tapping into the cultural identities every single employee brings to the workplace.

More than 80% of previous participants who attended the course in 2022 agreed or strongly agreed that the course gave them confidence to harness cultural diversity in their workplaces, as well as increased their interest in driving cultural diversity initiatives within their own workplaces.

Registrations are now open, and places are limited. During a 3-day intensive, interactive and productive course, participants will not only shift their understandings of diversity but also engage with industry leaders from diverse backgrounds and network with like-minded professionals from different industries and organisations.

Dates and times:

19, 20 and 21 July 2023.
Venue: Monash College, 750 Collins Street, Docklands, VIC 3008
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

To Register:

Diversity: Better Cultures, Better Workplaces

For further information, please contact:

Alex Avella
PD Program Lead 
Monash Intercultural Lab
Email: alex.avellaarchila@monash.edu