MITN Translators’ Café: The cost of translation bungles during a pandemic

Translation errors in government messages aimed at multicultural communities during the Covid-19 pandemic have been widely reported on in the media.

We chat to Sonia Sanchez Moreno from Sylaba Translations to understand what went wrong.

The issues, as we find out, are manifold and do not always lie with insufficient translation skills.

Lack of quality control and of community checking impact on the final product, reflecting negatively on the translator’s job.

In this informal webinar, we discuss the importance of holding all stakeholders accountable, of regulating the T&I profession, and on the need for translators to find their voice and take on the role of educators to advance the industry.

Caring about translation quality, ultimately, means respecting the multilingual and multicultural communities that make up our society.

Listen to the audio recording here.

Stay tuned for future recordings from our MITN Translators’ café.

MITN Translators’ café events are led by Margherita Angelucci, PhD Candidate, Teaching Associate, Monash University.

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