New unit announced specialising in understanding and applying intercultural skills

Clockwise from top left: James Akerman, Samantha Newson, Cameron Stewart, Susan Liu.

A new second year Arts unit has been announced by the Arts Faculty and the Monash Intercultural Lab, and designed by Monash Students Intercultural Lab Research Team (MSILRT) to prepare students for a successful career in an internationalised workplace: ATS2184 - Intercultural Skills for an Internationalised Workplace.

The team was formed at the beginning of this year to design, implement and facilitate the Monash unit which focuses on intercultural competence and equipping students with the right skills and knowledge to prepare them for a successful career in a globalised world. Students participate in a series of interactive learning activities, field trips, lectures and workshops to better understand the nature of culture, the value of intercultural skills and the strategies required to apply these skills.

MSILRT is composed of four students with different areas of focus and specialties:

James Akerman who is currently studying Indonesian and IT, and has a growing interest in understanding different cultures and he has aided the production of this subject by looking into how intercultural models help with the understanding of foreign cultures. James wanted to become involved in this project so that he could build up his own project management and intercultural skills, in order to prepare himself for a career involving the Asian-Pacific region. He also wishes to promote and encourage intercultural cooperation because James believes that it is a highly valued skill

Samantha Newson, who is currently completing a Science/Arts double degree, is contributing to this subject through how to effectively engage students by developing practical intercultural activities. Samantha’s knowledge in several European languages has fuelled her interest in this project, as she believes that this is a gap within the University. Samantha believes that employers like graduates and workers who are inter-culturally competent, yet there is not much training out there for people who want to promote and grow their skills.

Cameron Stewart has a linguistics background, which has helped provide a strong foundation to the topic of intercultural communication strategies within this newly crafted subject. Cameron saw this project as a great opportunity to develop his knowledge in an area of interest for him and also to gain a valuable employability skill, as this is not a very common skill seen in recent graduates

As a Chinese Australian with over a decade of work experience, Susan Liu’s aim of this subject is to translate the various skills and knowledge gained throughout this unit into employment and career prospects. Susan has over a decade of work experience and is currently facilitating the English Connect Language for Employment workshops. Susan understands the importance of working with people from different cultural backgrounds on both a personal and professional level. Working on this project, Susan feels as though she is apart of something that she is truly passionate about and believes that she will gain valuable employability skills such as project management in a university setting

Dr. Felix Nobis Arts Faculty Coordinator of the Work Integrated Learning programs.

Dr Felix Nobis was born in Switzerland and arriving in Australia from Lichtenstein in the 1970s, Felix has always been interested in intercultural engagement. In his role as Work Integrated Learning Coordinator for the Arts Faculty, Felix has become increasingly concerned with inter-culturality as a workplace skill and as a workplace challenge. He is excited to be working with this diverse team of students in the creation of this new learning initiative. Dr Felix Nobis is the Arts Faculty Coordinator of the Work Integrated Learning programs and is overseeing this student run project.

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