Q&A session on cultural diversity: postgraduate students learn from industry leaders

In the last week of March, postgraduate students enrolled in APG5470 - Managing Multicultural Teams had the incredible opportunity to talk to current industry leaders about cultural diversity and intercultural competence in the workplace. The Managing Multicultural Teams unit explores the challenges and opportunities created by a culturally diverse workplace, while teaching intercultural competence skills and attitudes for students to successfully manage multicultural teams in professional and academic settings.

The Q&A session was created by the MIL Industry Initiative which aims to establish bridges between the concepts students explore in the postgraduate space and how they can translate it to the workplace. The MIL Industry Initiative is an ongoing collaboration between the Monash Intercultural Lab and the Arts Alumni team, and is led by Dr Lucas Santos,  Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet and Ms Ludmilla Budnik. For this first iteration of the collaboration, we were joined by:

Students researched the profiles of the industry leaders that joined our Q&A session beforehand and proposed questions that fit both the unit’s content and the industry leaders’ expertise and experience in working in intercultural settings. This was a rich and meaningful learning experience for the students as they were able to hear first hand from our selected industry leaders the different ways in which cultural diversity plays out in the workplace.

In the debrief after the session, students were asked what keyword or phrase they would use to describe their experience of the Q&A session. In the wordcloud below we can see their responses:


It is fundamental to enable postgraduate students to make connections between what they explore in the unit and how this can be translated into the culturally diverse workplaces of the 21st century. The MIL Industry Initiative will continue throughout 2021 and we cannot wait to share more updates about its progress.

If you would like to partner with us in our MIL Industry Initiative or want to hear more about it, contact us at MIL-enquiries@monash.edu.