Emerging Popular Music Performer Prize

This prize is open to those who have a passion for popular music performance and are 21 years of age or under as of 31st December 2021.

What are the judges looking for?

Performances will be judged on the following selection criteria:

  • Technical proficiency (consistency of pitch, timing and groove, flexibility of sound quality and style)
  • Creativity (connection to the narrative of the music, originality and visual presentation)

What do I submit?

Submissions must contain the following:

  • A cover or original song performance between 3-4 minutes duration. The performance may be accompanied by a single instrument or ensemble.
  • The performance should be submitted as a web-based link (e.g. Youtube, Wetransfer, Dropbox, Hightail, Google Drive) of video of the entrant performing.
  • A short 50-word statement outlining what the entrant believes is the most important aspect of studying contemporary popular music.

The video need not be professionally produced (iPhone quality is acceptable), however the sound of the performer should be easily heard above accompaniment, and the visual presentation directed towards the camera. Videos must be unedited and one continuous take. The file should be titled as follows: SURNAME INITIAL MUEPV Prize 2020 Eg. JONES S MUEPV Prize 2021.

Applications now closed.

The top 3 finalists will receive individual feedback on their performance. All copyright ownership of original material will remain with the songwriters.

All finalists will be notified by Monday, 27th September.

What are the conditions of the prize?

  • The prize will be awarded to only one winner in 2021
  • If an original song is submitted, only the performance will be assessed.
  • One entry containing one performance per person only
  • The judges' decisions are final in all respects
  • To be eligible, you must not be currently enrolled in a tertiary institution.