Music Electives

You can choose music electives when you have a free elective in any course at Monash. Whilst our specialisation units are not available for selection, we have a wide range of units available to choose from, many involving performance.

Ensembles enable you do music performance as part of your degree. We have four ensemble units, and whilst entry into some ensembles is by audition, there are others that do not require audition. You can see the wide range of student ensembles. Then look for ATS1347 or speak to the Ensembles Coordinator.

Context studies are our range of units that look at music in culture and history. See the range of units available. You can also talk to the Context Studies Convener to discuss the options.

Another popular elective unit is ATS2159 Sound and Music Production which we offer in semester 1 each semester. This looks at making, recording and mixing your own electronic music.

We also have units out of regular semester time. Visit this page to learn more about our Summer and Winter units.