International Women's Day Commissioning Prize Performance Event


Acknowledgement of Country - Professor Cat Hope, Research and Research Training Coordinator

Welcome and project background - Professor Cat Hope

Performance - Kate Moore's " Bloodwood Variations", Violin solo, Dr Anna McMichael (from Climate Notes), String Coordinator and Honours Coordinator

  • Coordinator of Strings
  • Doctorate from Sydney Conservatorium
  • Masters in Historical Musicology from Kings College, London
  • Successful 17 year career in Europe

Introduction of "Echoes of the Unspoken" - Professor Cat Hope

Presentation by awardee (video) -  Annie Hui Hsin Hsieh

Performance premiere - Annie Hui Hsin Hsieh's "Echoes of the Unspoken"; Solo by Dr Louise Devenish; Led by Dr Anna McMichael; Conducted by Mr Aaron Wyatt

  • Dr Louise Devenish ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Senior Research Fellow and Percussion Coordinator
  • Mr Aaron Wyatt -  Assistant Lecturer
  • Alyssa Wong, Tintin Cao, Connor Senn-Sanger, Marcus Chen, Thomas Velican, Hannah Wee, Anais Kerr,  Amethyst Gration, Jackson Worley
  • Special thanks to: Phoebe Green, Blair Harris, Miranda Hill

Closing remarks - Professor Margaret Barrett (Head of School)

Post event drinks and canapes

About this event

We are delighted to share the world premiere of a new work by Annie Hui Hsin Hsieh, the composer awarded the International Women's Day Commissioning (IWD) Prize in 2020. Hsieh is a Taiwanese-Australian composer, working in acoustic and electroacoustic mediums. Her work focuses on creating immersive physical experiences and she often prefers to articulate sonic expressions in terms of choreography, phenomenology, and musical-social interactivity.

The new work is entitled "Echoes of the Unspoken" for string orchestra and percussion soloist. Dr Louise Devenish, Head of Percussion and Senior Research Fellow at the school will feature alongside members of the Monash Sinfonia, led by Head of Strings, Dr Anna McMichael.

On receiving the commission, Hsieh says "it is a great honour to be acknowledged at this point in my career, to be given a privileged platform for expression. But, more importantly, it also brings an opportunity for me to actively participate in the conversation in improving the gender balance in our field, contributing as a musician and educator towards building an inclusive musicking environment.”

Date: Thursday 26 May, 2022

Time: 5pm - 6.30pm (doors open at 4.45pm for registration)

Location: Auditorium, Monash Performing Arts Centre, Building 68, 55 Scenic Boulevard, Monash University, Clayton campus Victoria, 3800

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please view the information here before you come to campus.