Gender and Sexualities Research in the Arts

School staff are deeply invested in research that generates understandings about gender and sexuality are experienced, challenged and transformed in the arts sector, as well as how the arts are central to challenging gender- and sexuality-based violence and oppression in society and culture.

Research project specifically focused on gender and sexualities in the arts include:

Staging Australian Women's Lives: Theatre, Feminism, and Socially Engaged Art (ARC DP200102876, 2020-2022) (Professor Stacy Holman Jones)

Diversifying Music in Australia: Gender Equity in Jazz and Improvisation (ARC SRI, 2021-2023) (Associate Professor Robert Burke, Professor Margaret Barrett, Professor Cat Hope, Dr Louise Devenish, Dr Nicole Canham)

Our gender and sexualities research is part of our commitment to Keychange, a global network and movement working towards a total restructure of the music industry in reaching full gender equality.