Jazz, Improvisation and Creativity: Practice, Scenes and Society


Associate Professor Rob Burke


This research group seeks to nurture research in the many elements in the creation and understanding of improvisation. This includes investigation into environments conducive to improvisation, composition, innovation, experimentation, collaboration, the ephemeral moment of improvisation and identity. The group also explores the myriad of improvisational factors that create affordance and agency in an open-ended musical context. The Research Network will further develop this burgeoning area of study though collaborative, interdisciplinary and international engagement.

Areas of study include:

  • What happens when we improvise?
    • flow, intent, intention, sonic ecologies, affordances, agency, indeterminacy and choice
  • Identity
    • singular/ego
    • improvisation
    • scenes/communities of practice
    • national/international contexts
  • Audience, critics and others
  • Methodologies, analysis, synthesis, biographies
  • Gender Equity in Jazz and Improvisation

Expertise within the network ranges from historical/cultural studies of jazz to empirical work on improvisation to artistic research conducted through jazz compositional and improvisational practices.

Current Projects

Diversifying Music in Australia: Gender Equity in Jazz and Improvisation (ARC SRI, 2021-2023) (Associate Professor Robert Burke, Professor Margaret Barrett, Professor Cat Hope, Dr Louise Devenish, Dr Nicole Canham)

Saltzer Foundation for the Monash Art Ensemble (MAE) Burke, R., Williamson, P. & Murray, J.

​​Post Graduate Jazz and Improvisation Scholarship - Burke, R., Williamson, P. & Murray, J. Cripps Foundation
29/11/18 → 28/11/24

Previous (Recent)

Williamson, P., Burke, R., Murray, J., Grabowsky, P., Burslem, M. (2019). “Here Now Hear.” New Australian works recorded by the Monash Art Ensemble, Australia Council for the Arts.  Partners


Body and Soul 2019 (AJIRN)

So What? Jazz and Improvised Music Research and Its impact on Scenes, Artists and Society (2018) (AJIRN)

Agency in Jazz (2017) (AJIRN)

Publications (Recent)

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  • Conferences to generate scholarly exchange and public engagement
  • Performances and compositions
  • Postgraduate Research Groups
  • Publication outputs such as books, journal articles
  • Cross-institutional funding proposals
  • Hosting visiting scholars