Monash Bachelor's/Master's program offers students optimal career pathways

Monash Bachelor and Masters double offers students optimal career pathways

Interested in gaining a social science and humanities degree, Brendan Dombrowsky commenced a Monash Arts Bachelor's /Master's program when he was 27. Now he is well on his way to gaining a Master of Tourism, part of which was completed during his undergraduate studies.

“I’m not from a social environment where university study was the norm or necessarily encouraged,” he said.

“I made the decision myself in my late 20s as I wanted to pursue a career path that I would enjoy and which was relevant to my own personal interests, accepting that this is extremely difficult without a minimum Bachelors qualification.”

Exploring his options, he decided upon the Bachelor's/ Master's program option uniquely offered by Monash University.

Brendan completed the tourism program APG5389 seminars in Sydney

“I would like to use my double degree to ultimately end up working within local, state or federal government in a strategic role across socio-economic policy or development or tourism,” Brendan said.

“…the tourism industry is extremely strong not only in Australia but globally, with strong future growth forecast and therefore job opportunities.”

The Bachelor's/Master's program structure allows students to apply for a Master’s degree during their second Bachelor’s year, allowing students to complete Master’s units during their undergraduate degree.

After 4 years, they will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree as well as a Master’s degree.

Markus Vainikka, a Bachelor of Arts/Master of International Relations student, also lauds the degree as equipping him with skills valued by those who he sees to be his future employers.

Markus Vainikka.

He says students were able to take the role of a policymaker within a state or non-state organization, then researching and proposing policy reform.

“I feel as though this is applicable to a future work scenario as I hope to work for a non-governmental organization,” he said.

“I feel as though being able to develop and propose effective policy is crucial and I believe that studying at Monash is enabling me the skills to potentially do that.”

Arts can be viewed as being relatively broad and general however my experience differs. I feel as though I have gained valuable and specific skills for future opportunities.

For Brendan, the chance to obtain a Master's qualification in an area of interest at only the cost of an extra year was highly attractive, given the competitive edge it should afford as he seek to re-enter the workforce.

Brendan is confident the qualification will be recognized and respected by industry and will establish strong career connections.

“I see the Master's degree as a necessary qualification in an age of credential inflation and highly competitive globalised job markets,” he said.

“The Master's qualification also opens up networking opportunities within Victorian and Australian tourism industries, which are invaluable in such a competitive job market.”

Students interested in taking advantage of this unique double degree first need to enter the Bachelor of Arts, then apply for consideration for their chosen Master's degree. For full details on how the program works, please refer to the Bachelor's /Master's program page.

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