Associate Professor Simone Murray elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities

Associate Professor Simone Murray has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. This exceptionally prestigious award is the highest honour for achievement in the humanities in Australia. The culmination of a year-long nomination process overseen by existing members of the Academy and governed by a two-stage virtual and in-person ballot, the award denotes that each incoming Fellow is held in the highest esteem by Australia’s academic elite.

‘When I look at the list of Fellows in the Academy, I see extraordinary scholars I hold in the highest regard,’ said Associate Professor Murray, a leader in the field of literary sociology. ‘Many members of the Academy taught me as an undergraduate, mentored me during my postdoc, and guided me as a junior lecturer. To know they now count me among their ranks is an honour.’

Committed to breaking open traditional perceptions of literary scholarship, the Associate Professor in Literary Studies has spent her career exploring the world of the book beyond merely words on the page. Her research spans institutions of publishing, editing, book retailing, cultural festivals, reviewing and reading, as well as the impact of screen and digital technologies on literary culture.

‘The book is just one medium in the contemporary communications landscape,’ said Associate Professor Murray. ‘Literary culture exists in the digital sphere in myriad fascinating ways.  These profoundly influence the way literature is read, published, promoted and sold.’

‘This award demonstrates how open the Academy is to thinking about literature’s permeable boundaries with digital media, and reflects its willingness to explore the fascinating and exciting ways literature functions within the broader media landscape.’

Associate Professor Murray’s research consolidates and further expands literary sociology and book history, bringing these disciplines into closer dialogue with the internationally booming Digital Humanities field. She is the author of three books to date, Mixed Media: Feminist Presses and Publishing Politics (2004) (awarded the 2005 international SHARP DeLong Book Prize), The Adaptation Industry: The Cultural Economy of Contemporary Literary Adaptation (2012) and The Digital Literary Sphere: Reading, Writing, and Selling Books in the Internet Era (2018). Her fourth book, An Introduction to Contemporary Print Culture, will be published in 2020.

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