Associate Professor Asher Flynn named one of 12 Global Women's Safety Expert Leaders

Associate Professor Asher Flynn of Monash Arts

Monash University criminologist Associate Professor Asher Flynn has been announced as Australia’s only Global Women’s Safety Expert Advisor by social media giant Facebook.

Associate Professor Flynn has extensive knowledge of technology-facilitated abuse, AI-facilitated abuse, image-based abuse, gendered violence and digital crime.

She joins 11 other nonprofit leaders, activists and academic experts globally that will help Facebook develop new policies, products and programs that better support women using its apps.

Facebook has also developed a Women’s Safety Hub to centralise safety resources for women using the platform. It includes specific resources for women leaders, journalists and survivors of abuse.

“It is an honour to be invited into this role in recognition of my contributions to research on women’s safety and experiences online,” Associate Professor Flynn said.

“My research to date has shown the harmful consequences that can arise when perpetrators use technology to abuse. I have argued that we need multifaceted responses to this that includes placing responsibility onto social media platforms and internet intermediaries to step up and improve their prevention, education and responses to technology-facilitated abuse. This partnership with Facebook is a clear example of this.

“It is an exciting and welcomed opportunity to work with Facebook alongside other global leaders, activists and academics to improve women’s experiences on the platform, and to have input over the development of new policies, products and programs aimed at enhancing women’s safety online.”

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