How COVID-19 catapulted Arts alumnus Andrew Stevenson into setting up his own business

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance) in 2018, Andrew Stevenson decided to move to the US to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Just as everything was starting to fall into place, the COVID-19 pandemic erupted and his stay in the US came to an abrupt halt.

Back in Australia with nothing but time on his hands, Andrew evaluated his future and took a leap into a different direction towards his second career passion of marketing and sales. He launched his own digital marketing agency, All Bases Digital, which is quickly gaining momentum.

By embracing the opportunities borne from unexpected adversity, Andrew set himself up for professional success. We recently caught up with Andrew to chat about how his Arts degree helped him pivot into a fulfilling new career.

What was Monash University like as a place to study?

My lecturers were a huge part of my growth and development, in particular Professor Stacy Holman Jones. She was not only like a parent figure to me but she really helped to shape my perspective on arts, theatre and the world, and made me question things more.

Dr Felix Nobis is another lecturer who conducted the Professional and Academic Presentation Skills class and has always been an incredible mentor. He held a couple of classes focused on life in the arts after university including how to pitch for grants. I gained effective skills in class that translate into areas apart from theatre.

How has your Monash Arts degree contributed to your success?

Studying Arts at Monash has opened so many new doors and opportunities for me post-graduation. The Arts teaches us how to connect and communicate authentically with each other, how to listen to people, and to view the world through a different perspective. In 2019-20 I was working and living between New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, and a lot of the opportunities that I was able to get over that time were completely due to those skills that I developed throughout my degree.

What inspired you to set up your own business?

In March 2020 I had to fly back to Australia due to COVID-19. After moving back, I had space and time to evaluate what I valued and wanted for my future. One of those things was starting a digital marketing business. I decided to go for it. Due to the skills and networks I discovered throughout my degree and in the US, I was able to get my business up and running. I am now working with my first client. Everything is falling into place and I am super grateful!

What have you learnt from this experience?

I love how everything happens for a reason. When things happen, they do not only happen to you but for you.

What is your advice to current students?

Take everything opportunity you can because you never know who you can meet and how much you can grow from those opportunities.

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