Monash Arts bioethicists receive research funding in Facebook’s Ethics in AI Research Initiative for the Asia Pacific

Professor Robert Sparrow.

Monash Arts’ Professor Robert Sparrow, Dr Mark Howard and doctoral candidate Joshua Hatherley have been announced as winners of research funding in Facebook’s Ethics in AI Research Initiative for the Asia Pacific, totalling $42,969. The development of state-of-the-art AI technologies shines light on ethical questions that industry, academia, and governments must work together to solve.

To help support groundbreaking academic research in the field of AI ethics in the Asia Pacific, Facebook partnered with the Centre for Civil Society and Governance of The University of Hong Kong and the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD; esteemed co-chair of the Permanent Working Group on Ethics and Data Protection in AI of the Global Privacy Assembly) to launch the Ethics in AI for the Asia Pacific RFP in December 2019.

With a particular focus on research proposals relating to fairness, governance, and diversity, this initiative aims to support independent AI ethics research that takes local traditional knowledge and regionally diverse perspectives into account.

Chief Investigator Professor Sparrow and his team received their award for their proposal on the uses and abuses of black box AI in emergency medicine.

‘This award represents an opportunity to examine the benefits and concerns raised by the use of black box AI in vital contexts,’ said Professor Sparrow. ‘We look forward to continuing to work with fellow academics, government and industry to place the ethical debates raised by the development of emerging technologies at the heart of national and global conversations.’

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