Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance announces partnership with Melbourne Fringe Festival

Monash University’s Centre for Theatre and Performance (CTP) is delighted to announce its partnership with the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

A bastion of cultural democracy, the Melbourne Fringe Festival has long been esteemed as one of Australia’s premier performing arts events. Monash CTP is proud to partner with an iconic Melbourne institution that aligns with the Centre’s focus on creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Monash CTP is set to present its upcoming season of new works at the Festival, comprising three collaborations between professional theatre makers and third-year students. In a first for the Centre, these works will be both created and performed within a digital space.

With current social distancing restrictions spurring a reimagining of traditional theatre rehearsal and performance practices, Monash CTP has embraced cutting-edge models of creating work, connecting with audiences and expanding our understanding of performance.

‘Digital theatre practice and performance represents an unprecedented opportunity to develop dynamic responses to the challenges we’re facing in the performing arts,’ says Professor Stacy Holman Jones, Director of the Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance. ‘This opportunity is just as relevant for seasoned practitioners as students.’

The partnership also includes the creation of 16 internship opportunities ranging from marketing opportunities to production internships for senior students. These are unique opportunities for up-and-coming young professionals to be mentored in all aspects of programming and producing and will see CTP’s students make a direct impact on the Festival’s independent program.

‘Our partnership with the Melbourne Fringe Festival underscores our commitment to expanding the meaning of performance and contributing to the evolution of performance practices,’ says Professor Holman Jones. ‘We are thrilled that our students will be at the forefront of this exploration in collaboration with world-class artists, and be able to present their work as peers amongst the Festival’s renowned and respected lineup.’

The three works due to be presented at the Festival will be led by award-winning theatre makers Cassandra Fumi (Best Emerging Ensemble Award for Dog Show, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2018), Born in a Taxi (Best Production, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2005) and Marcel Dorney (Best Writing for Prehistoric, Green Room Awards, 2014).

The students will also be supported with professional mentorship from designers Jason Lehane and Nathan Burmeister, and production managers Tennessee Mynott-Rudland and Sophie Ashkanasy, all of whom have strong connections with Monash CTP as graduates or tutors.

Further information will be released on these pending productions in the coming months.

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