Monash University staff members elected as 2021 fellows

A number of renowned Monash doctors and professors have recently been selected as 2021 fellows, of both Australian and international academic organisations.

Six doctoral staff, working within Monash University’s Faculty of Arts, have been announced as Higher Education Academy (HEA) fellows.

Selected individuals are recognised as part of the inaugural group of HEA Fellows; a group of international educators, demonstrating quality approaches to education, and the ability to teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The HEA is a global program, giving fellows international accreditation for academic accomplishments.

Dr Ross Hendy, Monash lecturer of Criminology, and now HEA fellow, says that “international accreditation gives fellows confidence that we can do the same as educators at UK Universities, and other Australian Universities.”

Dr Hendy, who is also a unit coordinator within the School of Social Sciences in the Monash Faculty of Arts, was employed as a police officer in New Zealand for 13 years, prior to commencing his time at Monash three years ago.

“I’m relatively new to academic work, having had a career change from being a criminal justice practitioner, to becoming a researcher and academic,” he says. “Having real world experience and practice, has helped me to be a better researcher and educator,” he adds.

Dr Hendy credits his HEA fellowship for giving him confidence in his academic work.

“Having an international accreditation means that I can feel competent and confident that my practice and the way that I work is of a high standard,” he says. “That boost of confidence is really important for new academics.”

The Australian Academy of the Humanities, acting as a voice for cultural, creative and ethical thinking, has also selected a number of Monash University staff as 2021 fellows.

Celebrating the outstanding contributions of those elected, this fellowship recognises the distinguished accomplishments of fellows in humanities and arts disciplines.

Among the five elected Monash University staff is Professor of Philosophy, Timothy Bayne. Professor Bayne, philosopher of mind and cognitive science, focuses his research on consciousness and the nature of conscious thought.

In addition, Monash University Professor of History, Nathalie Nguyen, has also been announced as a 2021 fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

Established in 1971, the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia celebrates academic excellence in the field of social sciences, promoting the awareness of social policy issues both in Australia, and internationally.

Recognised as an international scholar, Professor Nguyen has made significant contributions to the area of social sciences, through her research and publications focusing on migration and war.