New students welcomed to Monash after spending VCE years in lockdown

After spending most of their VCE in lockdown, new Monash students will be welcomed into campus life at one of Australia’s biggest universities.

Home to a range of gardens, cafes, and takeaway outlets, Monash’s vibrant campuses offer many spaces for students to relax, study, and interact with others.

“The reason why I studied at Monash, and why I returned to Monash to work, is that the community is incredibly genuine - when you run into people, they're very polite [and] helpful,” says Student Experience Team Manager, William Duddy. “[People here] are generous with their time, and are all very willing to help each other,” he adds.

Helping students to access opportunities within the University, the Arts Student Experience Team provides support and advice to students, and contributes to Faculty run events for Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework students.

With over 100 clubs and societies, alongside countless University organised events and programs, there is no shortage of opportunities for new students to make connections and form lifelong friendships.

There is something for everyone at Monash, from major events such as the Monash orientation program, to smaller events run by individual clubs, or even just getting coffee with other students on campus.

When forming new friendships, Duddy encourages individuals to talk with fellow students at tutorials and events.

“When you're sitting in those workshops, or you're at a club, society or orientation event, just be brave, take a leap of faith and talk to the person next to you,” he says. “Just by having a go and putting yourself out there, you will find the people that you gel with and the people that are your friends,” Duddy adds.

In the process of meeting new people, students should remind themselves that forming friendships can often take time, and that they shouldn't be discouraged on their journey to making strong connections.

No student is alone - in fact many students feel nervous, scared or even excited about meeting new people, leaving their comfort zone and putting themselves out there.

To assist new students in their transition from high school to University, Monash offers a range of programs and resources to ensure that all students are supported, and feel comfortable attending campus.

All Monash students have access to counselling services, where they can access confidential counselling that is provided free of charge.

“[Students] need to know that when they're taking that step, the university is here for them as well,” Duddy says.

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