Dean's Research Award winners announced

Rita Wilson

Professor Rita Wilson, Interim Dean of Arts

Professor Rita Wilson, Interim Dean of Arts, has announced the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Research Award recipients for 2021. These awards recognise and reward staff who have demonstrated outstanding research performance in different areas of achievement.

Award recipients

Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher (ECR) – Dr Akane Kanai (MFJ)

Special Commendation – Dr Karla Elliott (SoSS)

Excellence for Research Impact – Professor Bruno David (SoPHIS) On-Country community-partnership cultural heritage research with the GunaiKurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation

Special Commendation – Associate Professor Marie Segrave (SoSS) Putting the migration system and temporary visa holders on the national domestic and family violence agenda

Excellence for Research Enterprise –  Professor Jakob Hohwy (SoPHIS), Professor Craig Hassed (General Practice), Professor Rebecca Margolis (SoPHIS), Professor Tim Bayne (SoPHIS), Associate Professor Monima Chadha (SoPHIS), Dr Richard Chambers (clinical psychologist), Dr Claire Foldi (Physiology), Dr Aydogan Kars (SoPHIS), Associate Professor Adeel Razi (Psychology), Professor Nao Tsuchiya (Psychology), Professor Antonio Verdejo-Garcia (Psychology), Dr Jennifer Windt (SoPHIS)

Special Commendation – Dr Brady Robards (SoSS) and Associate Professor Steven Roberts (SoSS), with Dr Ben Lyall (Project Manager & Research Fellow) CIs: Dr Barbara Barbosa Neves (SoSS), Dr Zareh Ghazarian (SoSS), Professor Jo Lindsay (SoSS), Dr Verity Trott (MFJ), Dr Jonathan Smith (ACU), Dr Jacqueline Laughland-Booÿ (ACU), Young people’s experiences of Australian public services, in partnership with the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet

Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision – Associate Professor Alice Gaby (LLCL)

Special Commendation – Associate Professor Narelle Warren (SoSS)

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Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher (ECR) – Dr Akane Kanai

Dr Akane Kanai's field of research expertise is feminist media studies where she has quickly established herself as an emerging research leader. To date, she has produced 24 publications (16 sole-authored) in outlets across gender studies, media studies and cultural studies which have attracted 477 citations. The vast majority of her articles are in Q1 journals, and a number in field-defining special issues. There is consistently growing engagement and interest in her sole-authored work as well as her collaborative work with internationally and nationally renowned scholars. In late 2020, Dr Kanai was awarded a highly competitive ARC DECRA on Young women’s online experiences of learning about gender inequality. Dr Kanai is also an active and engaged supervisor, regularly co-authoring with her students in Q1 journals (e.g. European Journal of Cultural Studies, Journal of Intercultural Studies).

Excellence for Research Impact – Professor Bruno David: On-Country community-partnership cultural heritage research with the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation

The program led by Professor Bruno David involves collaboration with the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) who identify specific research questions of particular interest to the Gunaikurnai community, and then partner with Monash University and Professor David’s team to address those questions through archaeological excavations. Community members research alongside university academics on-Country to find out details about the Old People and the ancestors of present-day Gunaikurnai families. The program has training components that involve on-Country learning with specialists from Australian and overseas universities engaging with Gunaikurnai members. These research and educational processes result in Gunaikurnai members participating in homeland research, learning from internationally recognised researchers in archaeology and related disciplines. The field training prepares Gunaikurnai individuals for formal university education and for the workplace and inspires Gunaikurnai youths into research, education and employment. The program has led to the protection of Gunaikurnai cultural heritage places. The partnership continues to grow in response to the needs identified by GLaWAC.

Excellence for Research Enterprise: the Monash Centre for Consciousness & Contemplative Studies (M3CS) funded ($12 million) by Martin & Loreto Hosking’s Three Springs Foundation

This unique externally funded Monash Arts Centre builds on Monash's global leadership in consciousness research and education in contemplative practices. Through unprecedented collaboration between philosophy, neuroscience, medicine, education, and interfaith dialogue, the Centre serves as a regional and global leader in consciousness research and contemplative studies. Energised by Humanities research, methodologies and theory, the Centre is opening doors to greater reflection, curiosity, resilience, wellbeing and meaningful connections on both individual and collective levels. Guided by the three interrelated domains of education, community engagement and research, the Centre focuses its interdisciplinary academic lens on our common humanity while positively impacting student wellbeing through the development of core curriculum subjects underpinned by research into both contemplation and consciousness itself.

Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision – Associate Professor Alice Gaby 

Associate Professor Gaby is an international discipline leader. Her research interests lie in three intersecting domains: semantic and structural typology; the relationship between language, culture and cognition; and the documentation and analysis of endangered languages, especially those of the Australian continent. In addition to supervising a number of indigenous students, she works extensively with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) on initiatives such as the Paper and Talk Workshop, which aims to equip indigenous community members with the skills to start working with archival records of their languages, thus fostering community language revitalisation work. In 2019, Associate Professor Gaby created the LAL lab, where linguistics and applied linguistics students have come together to discuss various topics related to academia and beyond. She has volunteered her time to lead this lab to ensure that students build a supportive cohort of peers as well as ancillary skills vital for students to master if they are to have successful careers post-PhD. With a strong track record of successful PhD supervision (20 PhD students since 2016; 13 completions by the end of this month), Associate Professor Gaby is regarded by colleagues and students as meticulous when reading drafts, forthcoming with advice, and incredibly supportive through setbacks, as well as having a legendary knowledge of policy and procedures.