Three in one: Monash Arts capitalises on value of interdisciplinary study

In 2020, Monash Arts strengthens its commitment to interdisciplinary learning by launching its Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Developed by the faculty’s world-renowned academics, this innovative program is designed for deep thinkers who want to have a real impact.

‘The degree is all about empowering students to understand the volatile and disruptive world that we find ourselves in,’ says Dr Ben Wellings, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations and Course Convener (pictured). ‘They’ll get to explore the interplay between economics and politics, which generates philosophical questions such as ‘what do we owe strangers?’

‘I want students to take those insights and turn them into actions – to affect change by approaching problems in a holistic, creative and effective way.’

By studying at the intersection between three disciplines, students will adopt a multi-faceted approach to tackling social issues. ‘By bringing different disciplines together, we can act with the enhanced insight that comes from being able to see the world through a different lens,’ explains Dr Wellings.

The Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics will serve as a launching pad for a diverse range of careers in fields ranging from politics, to research, to finance, to journalism. With study tours, internships and work placements on offer, students will have the chance to gain real world experience before they graduate.

‘We’re dedicated to producing work-ready graduates,’ says Dr Wellings. ‘I imagine graduates of the PPE degree will find some very high achieving and high functioning roles in all sorts of areas – the public service, the private sector, the non-governmental sector.’

‘All of them will be affecting change before too long.’

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Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics