Philosophy Flexible Learning

Several philosophy units are offered in flexible mode. These units are typically offered in semesters where the on-campus version of the unit is not offered (including summer semester). They mostly do not require on-campus presence, except for the exam. Some Flexible units are taught as intensive units in Summer semester (typically 2 weeks of on-campus lectures and workshops). So Flexible units are suitable for students who cannot attend lectures and tutorials on-campus during regular semesters.

For each unit there is a basic resource base of materials. These include a study guide, usually also a collection of readings and/or web-based resources. These materials have been prepared with distance education students in mind, so they are designed for students who will be working with very little face-to-face teaching. There is also a tutorial support service operating via phone, email and/or Moodle.

Because there is less face-to-face interactions, students in flexible units will need to be well organised and disciplined. You should expect to spend 12 to 15 hours per week on any unit. You will need to be highly motivated and capable of working independently. We will provide a good support structure, with timely responses to contacts and requests; but we will not provide a normal teaching program of lectures and tutorials.

Once you have your materials and any textbooks that you need, you’re up and running and ready to make a start with the course. You will usually get access to the Moodle site one week before the start of semester.

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