Gallery – Area B Structure 1: general views

A general overview of Structure 1, looking south.
A general view of Structure 1 showing the southern end of the complex, looking south.
A view of the southeast internal area of Structure 1, showing wall collapse in the foreground.
A general view of the internal area of Structure 1 showing collapsed walls, looking towards the northwest.
A view of the remains of a stairwell and the collapse surrounding it in Structure 1.
A general view of the western side of Structure 1, looking towards the east.
A view across the area of the colonnaded hall in Structure 1, showing the stairwell remains.
A view of partially ruined vaulted rooms in Structure 1.
A room in Structure 1 showing a distinctive brick pattern giving the appearance of a herring bone. Some of the northern tombs are visible in the background.
A general view of Structure 1, taken from the southeast.