Gallery – Area B Structure 1: surviving wall and ceiling plaster

Wall plaster in Room 1, showing the panels and lower frame. Columns are shown between the panels, which were depicted capped by a Corinthian capital (visible on the far right).
Wall and ceiling plaster exhibiting a mix of themes: Classical panel and geometric design.
Graffiti on the southern wall of Room 30, showing a soldier and a prostrate male figure lying on his side.
The position of graffiti upon the southern wall of Room 30, shown in relation to a wall niche.
A portion of wall plaster showing the upper frieze decorated with a floral motif.
Ceiling plaster decorated polychrome and depicting birds and floral motifs set within octagons.
Ceiling plaster with apparent square and hexagonal framing elements.
Wall plaster in Room 1, decorated in polychrome, showing the lower sections of panels and the lower frame.