Gallery – House 5

Imported spouted jug from Room 5 (Object Registration Number A/9/10).
human head (Object Registration Numbers A/9/17 and A/9/19).
A general overview of House 5 (foreground) with the Large East Church visible across to the right, looking south.
ub-divided space on the roof of Room 3.
View of the north end of House 5 after partial clearance, looking west.
A general overview of House 5, looking southeast.
The level of the fill deposit in Room 5, looking south.
he stairwell in Room 4 leading up to the roof area.
Wall niche in the western wall of Room 5 with an embedded vessel.
Upper section of the east wall in Room 5, showing the poor state of preservation.
Western wall and vaulting of Room 5, showing the level of debris and sand fill in the room.
Post-excavation view of the eastern wall of Room 5 with doors into Rooms 3 and 4.
Post-excavation view of the northern end of Room 5, showing through to Room 1.