Gallery – Main Temple

View through the inner and outer east gates, looking east.
Excavation of the Main Temple area in progress.
View of the Main Gate which is associated with the sanctuary, looking northwest.
Decorated block from the inner door of the contra-temple showing the emperor Pertinax offering a sistrum to Tapshay.
Bronze Figure of Tapshay which was found in the north-eastern corner area of the sanctuary.
General view of the Main Temple showing the stone sanctuary, looking east.
General view of the Main Temple showing the colonnaded portico, looking southwest.
Inscribed sandstone pedestal in the forecourt.
View of the ancillary rooms located to the south of the stone sanctuary, looking west.
Overview of the stone sanctuary and Shrine 2 (left), showing also the inner temenos (center horizon), looking east.
Detail view of the stone sanctuary, looking southeast.
View of the west court showing the stone basins (center), looking southwest.
Detail view of the sanctuary, looking southwest.
A selection of pottery found in Zone XX, the well area.
The Tutu stela (Object Registration Number D/1/294) which depicts the god as a sphinx with a lion’s head attached at the rear of its human head and wearing a nemes head-cloth. Its tail ends with a cobra’s head and a crocodile’s head emerges from its chest; below is serpent. This stela was found in Room 1 of Zone XX. Note: it is decorated with blue, red and white glass inlays.
View of the pavement and outer east gate.
The paved space between the two east gates.