Gallery – Painted Residence: Room 1, Trenches A-D

Trench D (foreground) and Trench C (rear), looking south.
Fragments from hollow modillions from Room 1, Trench C, reconstructed.
Consolidation of column plaster during excavation.
A general view of the surface area covering the painted residence and showing Room 4, looking west.
View of debris encountered in the trenches of Room 1.
Trench A looking south across Room 1a.
Fragmentary decorated wall plaster from Room 1 with a geometric design.
Detail view of collapse in Trench B at the west end and remaining wall plaster.
Trench B, detail of floor at east end.
Trench B, west end of north wall, looking north. A female head, a cockerel and a pigeon are each depicted in one of the panels.
Trench B, looking northeast across Room 1b.
Detail of one of the columns in 1b.
Trench A looking north from Room 1a into 1b.
Commencement of excavation in Trench D.
Detail of wall plaster found near the floor in Room 1.
Ceiling plaster encountered in the rubble fill of Trench D.
Remains of ceiling plaster found amongst the debris filling the room.
Detail of white-wash plaster laid over decorated plaster.
View of the decorated pier between Room 1a and 1b.
Floor surface of Trench C. looking northeast.
Detail of Trench D floor and sub-floor at south end.
Trench C showing sub-floor bricking, looking north.
Trench C showing sub-floor bricking and collapse upon the floor at south end, looking southeast.
Detail of Trench C north end showing mass amount of rubble in the east section.