Australian Generations Oral History Project

*The funded phase of the Australian Generations Project has now ended. The only page on this website that is currently being updated is the publications list. However, this website remains a rich source for material about the project’s aims, methodology and outcomes. If you have questions about the Australian Generations Collection, contact the National Library of Australia. For questions about project research and methodology, contact Project Leader Professor Alistair Thomson at 

This is the first major national project to investigate intergenerational dynamics and the impact of dramatic social, technological and environmental changes on the experiences and attitudes of succeeding Australian Generations. The national scope of our project will advance understanding of the diversity of Australian historical experience within groups and over time. We propose an original and significant historical interrogation of assumptions about Australian Generations. We will question and complicate the commonly accepted Australian generational ascriptions of Builders (born c. 1925-46), Baby Boomers (c. 1947-64), Generation X (c. 1965-79) and Generation Y (c. 1980-94) (McCrindle 2009), and explore questions neglected in survey research about the interactions and overlaps between generations, and the ways in which class, gender, ethnicity, race and region inflect with and cut across age and generation.

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