Australian Lives – an online oral history resource for Australian history teaching

In this first video Alistair Thomson (Professor of History, Monash University) introduces an extraordinary new resource for school and university teaching in Australian history and Australian studies.

Australian Lives: an intimate history – a new type of oral history book

In this second video oral historian Alistair Thomson introduces you to the Australian Lives ebook, which enables readers to be listeners to the hundreds of oral history extracts in the book, and which curates access into one of Australia’s largest online oral history collections.

Australian Lives: an intimate history – a new type of oral history book

Australian Lives: An Intimate History (by Anisa Puri and Alistair Thomson) will be published by Monash University Publishing in May 2017.

Australian Generations oral history theme issue of Australian Historical Studies

The latest theme issue of Australian Historical Studies (AHS), edited by Katie Holmes and Alistair Thomson, features seven articles by members of the Australian Generations team in which we use the project’s oral history interviews to illuminate a range of topics in Australian social history, and to discuss innovations and issues in oral history.

Glory boxes

The fifth radio program using interviews recorded as part of the Australian Generations Oral History Project aired on Hindsight on ABC Radio National on Sunday 13 July.

Australian Generations Conference

The Australian Generations: Researching 20th Century Lives and Memories featured academic historians and industry partners who form the Australian Generations Oral History Project’s research team.