Our People

The research team came together in a 2008-09 pilot project and combines the complementary expertise of international leaders in their respective fields.

Project leader Professor Alistair Thomson is a world leader in oral history theory and method (Thomson 2007; Perks and Thomson 2006).

All five academic partners have extensive oral history expertise and each has made substantial contributions to 20th century Australian social and cultural history: on family and domestic life (Reiger, 1985 and 2001); interwar women’s lives (Holmes, 1995); housing and urban life (O’Hanlon, 2002; O’Hanlon and Luckins, 2005); people and place (Holmes, et al, 2008); war and society (Thomson, 1994; Twomey, 2007); and migration (Hammerton and Thomson, 2005).

Kevin Bradley, an internationally renowned exponent of audio history recording and archival technology, is Director, Sound Preservation and Curator Oral History and Folklore at the National Library of Australia – the country’s most significant custodian of oral history.

Michelle Rayner is a prize-winning oral history radio documentary maker and Executive Producer of Social History and Features at the ABC’s Social History Unit – Australia’s premier producer of radio history documentaries.

Along with the research team, 20 interviewers from across Australia will undertake 1500 hours of life history interviews. The project has the formal backing and practical support of the Oral History Association of Australia (OHAA), and is strengthened by the on-going collaboration of a prestigious International Advisory Panel.