The medieval and renaissance period generated the cultures and codes which pervade our Western civilisation and inspire much of our cultural imagination. Monash has long been at the forefront of teaching and research in medieval and renaissance history in Australia.

Teaching Program

Medieval and Renaissance studies are taught as part of the broader History program at Monash University. Students can learn about renaissance and medieval Europe, the age of crusades, struggles for justice and the history of rebellion, resistance and revolt.

With our centre in Prato, Italy, and our overseas partner universities, we offer unique opportunities to pair academic study with travel to Europe.

We offer a range of units in medieval and renaissance history. Students pursuing this area of study are also encouraged to consider units in related areas, for example Latin and other relevant languages, ancient cultures, and religious studies.


Undergraduate studies

Our teaching approach creates pathways for students to progress from an undergraduate interest in Medieval and Renaissance studies, to Honours and then graduate research.

Graduate Research

Read more about the Arts Graduate Research Program.


Medieval and Renaissance studies staff research and have expertise in the following topics:

  • Italian Renaissance History
  • Medieval Sermon Studies
  • Church history
  • Political History
  • Renaissance cultural history
  • Paris and of other European cities in the early modern period
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Medieval Theology
  • Medieval Intellectual Thought
  • Medieval Music Theory


Our academics in Medieval and Renaissance studies staff enjoy strong national and international profiles and pursue global interests. View all staff.

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