The Centre for Religious Studies (previously known as the Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology) is committed to the academic study of the wide range of religious traditions within society, both past and present. Its aims are to:

  • advance interdisciplinary scholarship in the field of religious studies (understood as embracing theology or the intellectual structure of a religious tradition) by drawing on existing strengths in the faculty and university;
  • provide coherent undergraduate programs of study in religious studies, within the limited resources of the centre by coordinating existing faculty resources;
  • provide graduate courses and opportunities to pursue higher degrees by research in the area of religious studies, by offering a range of postgraduate subjects, coordinating individual graduate supervision, and calling attention to relevant subjects offered within faculty;
  • promote interdisciplinary research, interchange and collaboration focused on religious studies among staff at Monash and in the wider community through seminars, conferences and papers. One of the means of pursuing this objective involves on-going discussions with a range of religious groups, including the major providers of theological education in Melbourne.