Edition Five - 2003 November

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Jessica Lee-Ack & Josie Monro

Edition Five Editorial

Editorial Committee



Carla Bocchetti


Cultural Geography in Homer

Judith Brown


Ernst Bloch and the Utopian Imagination

David Cox


‘A Certain Share of Low Cunning’ – The Provincial Use and Activities of Bow Street ‘Runners’ 1792-1839

Nick Fischer


An Inspiration Misunderstood: Australian Anti-Communists and the Lure of the U.S., 1917-1935

Chris Ivanes


Streets and Crowds in (Post-) Communist Romania: Opportunity, Collective Action, and Human Emotions

Kevin McDowell


Japan in Manchuria: Agricultural Emigration in the Japanese Empire, 1932-1945

Sally Newman


Lesbian Historiography, or a Talk about the “Sweaty Sheet Fantasies of Certain Modern Tribades”

Geoffrey Robinson

Abstract Biography and the Project of Labour History: Marxist Anticipations and Australian Examples

Ruth Schilling


‘Homagium’ or Hospitality?: The Struggle for Political Representation in Bremen around 1600

Chris Willis


Conceptions of Language and Reality in Euripides’ Helen



Bianka J. Adams


Review of Hell in Hürtgen Forest: The Ordeal and Triumph of an American Infantry Regiment by Robert Sterling Rush

Peter Aukstinaitis


Review of Conquerors’ Road: An Eyewitness Report of Germany 1945by Osmar White

Marianne Churchward


Review of Medieval Heresy: Popular Movements from the Gregorian Reform to the Reformation, by Malcolm Lambert

Julie Fenwick


Review of Freedom Ride: A Freedom Rider Remembers, by Ann Curthoys

John Martino


Review of Pompey the Great: A Political Biography, by Robin Seager

Carly Millar


Review of Emmeline Pankhurst: A Biography, by June Purvis

Justin Tighe


Review of The Manchus, by Pamela Kyle Crossley