Research and postgraduate training

Monash is among the leading centres for historical research in Australia. We are known widely for our scholarship in several areas which include:

  • Urban life and culture
  • Memory, history and community
  • History of medicine and health
  • Colonialism and decolonisation
  • War and society
  • Medieval and Renaissance history

The Monash history program is committed to bringing this vibrant research to the public. Our staff and postgraduate students contribute to media outlets, offer public lectures, speak to community organisations, and consult on exhibits. This engaged, impactful work brings to life important, previously untold stories of who we were and what the legacy of that past means for us today.

Postgraduate students are welcomed into a stimulating community of scholars. Areas of particular strength include Australian history, the social history of war, urban history, medical history, and the history of colonialism and decolonisation. Regular seminars are held, giving staff, postgraduate students and visitors the opportunity to present their current research and learn of the research of others. An annual postgraduate conference provides an opportunity to hone presentation skills and benefit from feedback from fellow postgraduate students and staff.