Excellent ARC Results for Monash Philosophy

Two researchers in the Monash Philosophy Department have won funding for projects funded by the Australian Research Council's 2022 Discovery Projects scheme.

Professor Robert Sparrow has been awarded $630,000 in funding for a three-year project on "Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Agriculture: Social and Ethical Issues".

Summary: This project aims to investigate the social and ethical issues raised by the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in agriculture. By combining social science research methods and philosophical analysis, the project aims to generate new knowledge in bioethics and applied ethics. Expected outcomes of this project include an account of the social and ethical issues farmers, rural communities, and consumers anticipate arising from these technologies, improved understanding of these issues, and an account of how these groups would like to see these issues addressed. This should help Australia benefit from the responsible use of artificial intelligence and robotics in agriculture.

Professor Sparrow's co-investigators on the project will be Associate Professor Christopher Degeling (University of Wollongong) and Dr Christopher Mayes (Deakin University).

Associate Professor Jacqueline Broad has been awarded $275,000 for a three-year project, "Toward a Female Stoic Tradition: Women's Writings in England, 1600-1800".

Summary: This project aims to investigate the neglected history of women’s engagement with Stoic ideas in early modern England. It expects to generate new knowledge of a distinctive strand of women’s Stoic thought by taking a novel interdisciplinary approach to different genres of early modern writing. The intended outcomes include a new understanding of women’s valuable contributions to philosophy, literature, and politics in the period, as well as a greater appreciation of the gender-inclusivity of Stoic philosophy. This should provide significant benefits, such as the development of Stoic therapeutic techniques informed by women’s experiences, and the promotion of gender equality through the recognition of women’s intellectual history.

Associate Professor Broad's co-investigators will be Dr Diana Barnes (University of New England) and Professor Lisa Hill (The University of Adelaide).

Congratulations to these researchers on their ARC funding success.