Outstanding ARC Results for Monash Philosophy

Philosophy at Monash achieved the nation’s best results on the recent grants round from the Australian Research Council. 4 Discovery grants were awarded, adding to the recent award of a Future Fellowship to Professor Toby Handfield:

Dr Linda Barclay; Dr Suzy Killmister; Prof John Tasioulas; Dr Catherine Crock; Prof Oliver Sensen; Dr Paul Formosa: “Conferring dignity in law and health care” (DP190100734)

A/Prof Jacqueline Broad; A/Prof Deborah Brown; Prof Marguerite Deslauriers: “The philosophical foundations of women’s rights: a new history, 1600-1750” (DP190100019)

A/Prof Toby Handfield; Prof Neil Levy; Dr Julian Garcia Gallego; A/Prof Erte Xiao; Dr Robert Simpson; Prof Kevin Zollman: “Governing the knowledge commons” (DP190100041)

Prof Jakob Hohwy; Prof Tim Bayne; Assistant Prof Rosalyn Moran: “The integration of perception and thought” (DP190101805)

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