The Department of Philosophy at Monash University is internationally recognised for its strong research program. We can provide supervision for a broad range of research topics including:

  • Philosophy of mind, consciousness, and cognition
  • Epistemology (theory of knowledge)
  • Moral and political philosophy
  • Ethics, Bioethics and Applied Ethics
  • Early modern philosophy
  • Philosophical Logic
  • Contemporary European philosophy
  • Philosophy of law
  • Philosophy of religion
  • Indian philosophy

The Department has particular research strengths in philosophy of neuroscience and consciousness, political philosophy, as well as logic, religion and historical traditions.

Several of our researchers are also members of the Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies (M3CS), a university-based research centre and educational hub.

Philosophy research projects

Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Agriculture: Social and Ethical Issues
Robert Sparrow

Conferring Dignity in Law and Health Care
Linda Barclay, Suzanne Killmister

Extending New Narratives in the History of Philosophy
Jacqueline Broad

The Evolution and Economics of Sacred Value
Toby Handfield

Good Arguing
Graham Oppy

Governing the Knowledge Commons
Toby Handfield

The Integration of Perception and Thought
Jakob Hohwy, Timothy Bayne

Measuring the Mind: A Framework for Building a Consciousness Meter
Tim Bayne

Philosophical Foundations of Women's Rights. 1600-1750
Jacqueline Broad

Preventing Mitochondrial Disease Using Genomics - Ethical, Social and Legal Aspects
Robert Sparrow

Selfless Minds: A cross-cultural theory with relevance for mindfulness
Monima Chadha

Substructural logics for limited resources 
David Ripley

Jacqueline Broad

Wandering Minds in Sleep and Wakefulness: Attention, Consciousness, Self
Jennifer Windt