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The School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies is distinguished by its capacity to attract nationally competitive grants, industry collaborations and graduate research students.

Ancient cultures research projects

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Bioethics research projects

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Cognition and Philosophy Lab

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History research projects

Artisan Mobility, Innovation, and the Eighteenth-Century Republic of Things
David Garrioch

Australia's Asian Garrisons and Regional Engagement, 1945-1988
Christina Twomey

Disaster and Photography
Susanne Protschky

Dynastic Marriage in Early Modern Europe
Carolyn James

Famine Relief in Warlord China
Pierre Fuller

Fatherhood: an Australian history 1919-2019
Alistair Thomson, Kate Murphy

Gendering the Italian Wars 1454-1559 
Carolyn James

Humanitarianism, Human Rights and Human Dignity
Agnieszka Sobocinska

Men of Faith: Religion and Masculinity in Nineteenth-Century France
Timothy Verhoeven

Popular Petitioning and Mass Democracy in the United States: a history
Timothy Verhoeven

Premodern Public Health
Guy Geltner

Public and Private Lives
Agnieszka Sobocinska

Soviet Medical Internationalism and the Global Cold War
Paula Michaels

The Kings of Algiers 
Julie Kalman

The Letters of Edward I: Political Communication in the Thirteenth Century
Kathleen Neal

The Metritocratic Moment: Talen in West Germany, Singapore, and Japan
Michael Hau

The Refugee Legacy
Nathalie Nguyen

Urban Environments and Environmental Change
Guy Geltner

William Cooper and the Struggle for Rights: A Life Story
Bain Attwood

Ibn Arabi research Initiative

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Jewish studies research projects

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Monash Indigenous studies research projects

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Philosophy research projects

Conferring Dignity in Law and Health Care
Linda Barclay, Suzanne Killmister

Good Arguing
Graham Oppy

Governing the Knowledge Commons
Toby Handfield

Measuring the Mind: A Framework for Building a Consciousness Meter
Tim Bayne

Philosophical Foundations of Women's Rights. 1600-1750
Jacqueline Broad

Preventing Mitochondrial Disease Using Genomics - Ethical, Social and Legal Aspects
Robert Sparrow

Extending New Narratives in the History of Philosophy
Jacqueline Broad

Selfless Minds: A cross-cultural theory with relevance for mindfulness
Monima Chadha

Substructural logics for limited resources 
David Ripley

The Evolution and Economics of Sacred Value
Toby Handfield

The Integration of Perception and Thought
Jakob Hohwy, Timothy Bayne

Wandering Minds in Sleep and Wakefulness: Attention, Consciousness, Self
Jennifer Windt