Internship opportunities

We are pleased to offer research internships to students interested in developing their research skills in the prison-related research areas associated with ImO.

ImO internships will be considered by application to Rebecca Bunn:

Our internship program is targeted at Honours and postgraduate students, as well as final year graduate students considering postgraduate studies.

Duration of the ImO internship programs and research projects will  be discussed and negotiated upon successful application.

To apply please send the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • Cover letter including your research interests and why you would like to complete an internship with ImO
  • Academic record

Please note we are not taking further interns at this time. However, if you wish to send us your details, we will keep your application in mind for future opportunities.

Current interns

Ariel Yap is a current intern at the Imprisonment Observatory. She assists with management of the Imprisonment Observatory’s twitter account, social media activities and website. She also helps with the coordination and organisation of ImO-related events, and provides research assistance as required.

Ariel is also a teaching associate and research assistant at Monash University, Australia. She attained an Honours Degree in Criminology (First Class) in 2016, and her thesis was entitled “The risk control regime: a critical analysis of Australian counter-terrorism policy and practice”.  Ariel’s research now focuses on crime and punishment, policing, penal policy and penal history. She is interested in researching the development of governance, punishment, policing and how this has shaped contemporary responses to crime in South East Asia. Ariel will commence her PhD in 2018, during which she will research responses to crime in British Malaya and analyse modes of control and resistance from 1819 to 1965. Her PhD project aims to provide an understanding of patterns of power and control in respective societies. Ariel is also interested in research and writing opportunities within this related field of work.

Hannah Close has just completed her final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Criminology at Monash University. She is interested in exploring the ideas and experiences surrounding juvenile offending, as well as transitional services for female prisoners. She is hoping to undertake a year of Honours in 2019, with a focus on therapeutic approaches for prisoners who have just been released from prisons and require successful reintegration into the community.

Hannah is very passionate about social justice issues that consider the social, political and economic factors in relation to crime. By undertaking the ImO internship, she is keen to expand her knowledge on recidivism rates among released prisoners and develop a deeper understanding of crime prevention in the context of rehabilitative and post-release support services.