Empirical research on pre-imprisonment, alternative correctional pathways and prevention including diversion, suspended sentences and restorative justice.

Recent Publications


Halsey, M. & Deegan, S. (2015) Young Offenders: Crime, Prison, and Struggles for Desistance, London: Palgrave.


Bartlett, T., Flynn, C. & Trotter, C. (2018). "They didn't even let me say goodbye": A study of imprisoned primary carer fathers' care planning for children at the point of arrest in Victoria, Australia. Child Care in Practice. Advance Access.

Brown, M., Lansdell, G., Saunders, B., and Eriksson, A. (2013) "‘I’m sorry but you are just not that special…’ Reflecting on the ‘Special Circumstances’ provisions of the Infringement Act 2006 (Vic)", Current Issues in Criminal Justice 24(3): 375-393.

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Current Projects

2017-2019 –  ARC Discovery Project, Addressing the Australian Penal Crisis: Rethinking Community Sanctions. Chief Investigators: Prof Julie Stubbs (UNSW), Prof Chris Cunneen (UNSW), Prof Emerit David Brown (UNSW) and Dr Melanie Schwartz (UNSW).

2016-2017 – Australian Institute of Criminology, Criminology Research Grants, Building an effective community-based through care approach for Aboriginal offenders in Australia. Chief Investigators: A/Prof Hilde Tubex (UWA), A/Prof John Rynne (Griffith University), Prof Harry Blagg (UWA).

2014-2017 –  ARC Linkage Grant, Positive life pathways for vulnerable adolescents: The role of a life management program approach. Chief Investigators: Dr Sally Nathan, A/Prof Andrew Hayen,  Dr Joanne Bryant, Dr Patrick Rawstorne, Prof Eileen Baldry (UNSW), Mark Ferry (Ted Noffs Foundation). The project aims to understand the pathways of vulnerable adolescents and the role of the Ted Noffs Program for Adolescent Life Management (PALM) in assisting young people to get their lives back on track. Young people in contact with the criminal justice system who have problematic use of drugs and alcohol often lack opportunities for social and economic participation in society and many continue offending into adulthood. The project will examine and analyse the short and longer term outcomes and pathways of young people who participate in PALM compared with similar young people who have not completed such a program. The findings aim to directly inform policies and programs, including life management, drug and alcohol and other support programs to better address multiple needs among this vulnerable group.

2014-2017 –  Office of the Public Advocate grant, Enhancing the rights and well-being of people with acquired brain injuries in the criminal justice systemChief Investigators: A/Prof Gaye Lansdell (Monash University), Dr Bernadette Saunders (Monash University), Dr Anna Eriksson (Monash University).

Completed Projects

2016 – Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia Workshop grant, Intervention, prevention and punishment: Authenticity and capacity in mandated treatment. Chief Investigators: Dr. Claire Spivakovsky (Monash University); Prof Wayne Hall (University of Queensland), Dr. Kate Seear (Monash University); and Dr Adrian Carter (Monash University). The workshop will bring together academics, practitioners and policymakers in September 2016 to identify and explore the rationales used to support a range of mandated medico-legal interventions such as involuntary detention, compulsory treatment and mandated alcohol rehabilitation. It will identify opportunities for improving the operation of these interventions, and provide recommendations for policy and legal practice that strengthen current policies to support impaired individuals, while protecting the public.

2011-2015 –  ARC Linkage Grant,  The impact of incarceration on children’s care: A strategic framework for good care planningChief Investigators: A/Prof Christopher J Trotter (Social Work), Dr Catherine Flynn (Social Work), Dr Bronwyn Naylor (Law), Prof Paul Collier (Economics), Dr Anna Eriksson (Criminology) Dr David Baker (Criminal Justice), Dr Kay McCauley-Elsom (Nursing). Partner Organisations: Department of Human Services, Vic; Department of Human Service Victoria-Child Safety Commissioner; Department of Justice, Victoria; Prison Fellowship Australia-Victoria; SHINE for Kids Co-operative Ltd; VACRO-Victorian Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders.

2010-2012  –  Legal Services Board (2010-MG024),  An examination of the impact of unpaid fines on disadvantaged groups and the criminal justice system – towards a best practice model. Chief Investigators: A/Prof Gaye Lansdell (Monash University), Dr Anna Eriksson (Monash University), Dr Bernadette Saunders (Monash University).