Monash Arts expertise in the media

Dr Zareh Ghazarian
Dr Zareh Ghazarian

Monash University’s expertise will reach a wider audience in 2018 as one of our political scientists returns to ABC Radio in a fortnightly segment to talk about politics.

Dr Zareh Ghazarian, from School of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Arts, will feature in a regular segment where he will engage with talkback callers and tweeters and unpack the political machinations of the day.

Dr Ghazarian, who features regularly in the media as a commentator, is looking forward to being on air.

I’m very excited by the opportunity to speak with a broad audience about the political debate on a regular basis

We will have a Victorian state election in November and we expect 2018 to be the last full year before a federal election next year, so there will be no shortage of issues to explore.

The politics sessions will start on Wednesday 7 February and will be on from 9am to 9.30am on ABC Radio or online.

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