Graduate writing and publishing workshop an invaluable opportunity for researchers looking to publish

Graduate writing and publishing workshop an invaluable opportunity for researchers looking to publish

The Graduate Research writing and publishing 3-day workshop is set to be held in Prato once again this year.

Participants who complete this activity will contribute 20 hours to the Monash Doctoral Program while also being mentored in this intensive, residential program to enhance their skills in preparing, writing and getting an article published in a major academic journal or a chapter published in a book released by a recognised quality commercial or university press publisher.

The workshop now offers two main streams: social sciences as well as arts and humanities.

“Across the workshop we will come together for interdisciplinary opportunities as a large group, as well as breaking into two streams and into smaller groups based on the students’ research interests,” said Dr Asher Flynn, Professor of Criminology and Director of the Social and Political Sciences Graduate Research Program.

Dr Flynn commends the highly interactive nature of the workshop which she says also involves peer-to-peer feedback and individual group mentoring opportunities with recognized international experts across the social sciences, arts and humanities.

Running in the Tuscan city of Prato, making for a great opportunity for students to take in the local culture, the workshop gives students the opportunity to meet academics and HDR students from across the globe, as the workshop includes academics and students from Oxford, The University of Kent, the University of Warwick, Leicester University and Newcastle University.

Kate Burns, a Monash PhD candidate in Criminology attended the program in 2015 and says it was an incredible experience.

“It was an opportunity to meet academics and students from other disciplines and institutions to discuss issues with regards to publishing in the social sciences,” she said.

Rather than focusing on all the other demands of the PhD candidature, the workshop prepares participants for publication.

“Before attending the workshop, I didn’t feel confident in writing a journal article or what journals I should even be aiming for,” Ms Burns said.

“I came away from the workshop with a structure for my article, an abstract and introduction. This meant then once I returned home, I felt really confident about writing the article and submitting it for publication,” Ms Burns said, adding it was extremely beneficial to hear the views of various academics about co-authorship, publishing throughout your PhD, choosing the ‘right' journal for your works, and how to read reviewers' comments.

“Prato is a beautiful campus and being able to sit in the sun and write was not only pleasant but very productive … I would highly recommend the Prato workshop to anyone that is considering publishing.”

Dr Flynn also agrees that the workshop is an invaluable opportunity for graduate research students to gain knowledge, advice and support from international academics and doctoral students, providing a truly global HDR experience.

“At the end of the workshop, it is anticipated students will have acquired the requisite skills to engage in the publication process,” Dr Flynn said.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to make global connections within and beyond a student's specific research interests, and at the end of the workshop you should be in a position to submit a piece of work for publication, and be prepared for all that process entails.”

Register your expression of interest before March 9.

Please note: program participants must have successfully completed the confirmation of candidature milestone, but not yet presented for the Final Review milestone (for doctoral candidates) or the Progress Review (for masters’ candidates).

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