We are currently recruiting research participants for this study. We are looking for:

  1. Partner Schools - we are recruiting up to eight partner schools to work with us on this study. We will be conducting focus groups in Partner Schools with young people aged 16-18, to talk about their social media use, how social media is discussed at school, and to better understand how teenagers think about their social media use with employment futures in mind.
  2. Young People - we are looking for young people, 18-35, who are either a) looking for work, or b) currently working. We will be conducting focus groups with people in similar industries or who are similarly looking for work, along with one-on-one interviews where we scroll back through social media histories with you. We want to better understand how young people think about their social media in the context of looking for work or in the context of managing workplace relationships and aspirations.
  3. HR Managers and Recruiters - we are also looking to interview anyone involved in making hiring decisions. Do you use people's social media profiles in making decisions in your role? What do you look for? What are some tips and advice you would have for people looking for work when it comes to social media?

If you fit into any of the groups above, please email to volunteer to participate.

All participants will receive a gift voucher as a token of thanks for your time.

Focus groups and interviews will be audio recorded and transcribed. Participants will be assigned an alias when using extracts from these recordings, and your real name, school, or workplace will not be used. We are committed to ensuring what you say is kept confidential. The data from focus groups and interviews will be used in developing guidelines for schools, young people themselves, teachers, careers advisors, and for the general public. Data will also be used in academic presentations at conferences, and in academic publications such as journal articles, books, book chapters, and in short-form public writing.