Our Vision

Monash University is known globally as expert and independent in its knowledge production across critical and ground-breaking areas of research. As a highly-esteemed research institution, it offers expertise and knowledge from which to develop impact measures that will enable the assessment and development of efforts to counter modern slavery and to improve and target these efforts. This work is an essential component of the efforts focused on the reduction and, ultimately, the eradication of exploitation in all its forms.

We are building a world-leading centre that will build on international efforts to understand and mitigate the impact of anti-slavery interventions. The centre will work collaboratively with other universities, international corporations, governments and non-government organisations to work towards real and sustained impact in reducing exploitation.

The next frontier in the effort to address and eliminate modern slavery is measuring the impact of anti-slavery efforts. While there is growing recognition that both corporations and governments must commit to efforts to address modern slavey, specifically in relation to forced labour, human trafficking and exploited labour, there is a need to ensure that these efforts are having the desired impact and to tailor efforts to maximise impact.

Our Purpose

As leading researchers and practitioners, we are committed to building the evidence base for policy, criminal justice and corporate responses to modern slavery. Our work is based on a range of disciplines, including criminology, law, social work and operations and supply chain management. Our aim is to bring together the different perspectives of these disciplines to provide unique and new insights to traditional approaches to modern slavery.

Our Principles

Our work is based on three core principles:

  • Promoting evidence-based policy and practice by measuring impact, not just process or intent
  • Fostering strong partnerships that are relational rather than transactional
  • Being leaders in facilitating opportunities for pre-competitive thought, engagement and collaboration