Measuring the Effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Act

How will we know Australia's Modern Slavery Act is fulfilling its purpose?

The primary objective of Australia's Modern Slavery Act is to assist the business community in Australia to take proactive and effective actions to address modern slavery. The Act is intended to:

  • Raise corporate awareness about modern slavery,
  • Change and improve corporate behaviour, and
  • Launch 'best practice' trends.

However, without a baseline, we cannot know with certainty whether these aims have been accomplished. Monash is developing a piece of work to measure the effectiveness of the MSA and to provide a stronger evidence base for potential reforms when the Act is reviewed in three years and beyond.

We are currently collecting information from a diverse range of groups that will have direct reporting responsibilities under the MSA as well as those who will be impacted as a supplier or sub-contractor. Our work aims to establish baseline data on:

  • Corporate awareness of modern slavery;
  • Corporate readiness for modern slavery reporting; and
  • Current business practices that may or may not support modern slavery reporting.

If you'd like to participate in this research, please contact us to learn more.

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