Strengthening Corporate Responses to Modern Slavery


To support the ambition of working towards a future free of exploitation, Monash is developing a body of ground-breaking work on corporate responses to modern slavery, including the development of an impact measurement framework to focus on the systemic and community impacts of efforts by corporations to manage their supply chains toward elimination of modern slavery practices.  As part of this work, Monash will draw on and expand its work in critical analysis of policy, law enforcement and immigration responses to trafficking and slavery, both within Australia and internationally.


Globally millions of dollars are being invested in anti-slavery efforts, yet there is no commensurate investment in ensuring that these efforts are realising impactful, positive change. The next frontier in the global anti-slavery movement is measuring the impact of our efforts so that action is based on evidence, rather than intent, and success is determined by outcomes, rather than process.

As the impetus grows for corporations to take action against modern slavery, there is a need for clarity around what action is intended to achieve and a framework through which to measure success and synthesise learning. We also need to consolidate and share knowledge for the greater good.


At Monash, we recognise the newness of the issue of modern slavery for many firms and the challenge of formulating meaningful and measurable action in a highly complex environment. To do this requires commitment to a higher standard than basic risk mitigation and ongoing support to innovate and test new solutions.

With the passage of the Australian Modern Slavery Act, Monash sees a need to create something distinct from the standard services that will facilitate minimum compliance and reporting under the law. We see a need for a space in which groups interested in going beyond minimum compliance may come together to learn, to innovate and to develop a shared concept of what defines 'effectiveness' in corporate responses to modern slavery. On this basis, we seek to build an academic-industry partnership to advance joint research that will benefit individual firms as well as broader corporate responses to modern slavery.

Key Aspects of Work

  • Joint research to document, inform, evaluate and strengthen corporate responses to modern slavery
  • Capacity building and technical assistance, including assessment, resource development and training
  • Commissioned research for individual firms, industries and peaks
  • Creation of a pre-competitive 'space' for firms to test ideas and solutions against the day-to-day realities of business operations

This work is about going beyond compliance -- to achieve practical and measurable positive change. It is also about creating a safe and diverse space for the free flow of ideas.

If you have ideas for how this work could be adapted or expanded to be of maximum benefit, we want to hear from you. Please contact us via the details below to share your ideas, gather more information and express your interest in being a part of engaged research for a future free of exploitation!

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