Moving Out of Door


Monash CTP senior lecturer, Dr Misha Myers is the keynote for this upcoming event ‘Moving Out of Door'

Thursday, 16 November 2017
9:30am to 5:00pm

The School of Lost Arts
221 Noble Street

This will be an incredible day and if you can make it Thursday (tomorrow!) it would be well worth every moment – such an amazing experience
Details of the entire event and booking link below

Don't forget to BRING A BOOK!
The Walking Library tour is facilitated by Misha Myers as part of a series of Walking Libraries for Walking Women and the question is asked:
What book would you recommend to a woman going for a walk; a book that might provide excellent company, inspiration, solace, advice, humour, information…?  
This particular Walking Library seeks to make more visible women who already walk, and to inspire women to walk more.
For the walk Misha's ask you to bring a book that responds to this question and you will walk with it and read together from the eclectic and temporary collection of texts assembled and selected by participants.
You will inscribe – walk and read – women into place and history, one step and sentence at a time.

For more info on what Misha's Walking Library tour is about check it out here:-